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Climbing Mountains with Jamie Hass

I’ve been struggling to keep a steady schedule on writing for My Gratitude Project. I get very caught up with the idea of perfection, and I want more than anything to demonstrate my immense appreciation for these beautiful people in my life to the point I get myself stuck. As I sit down to write about another impactful woman in my life, my mind starts to level out, and I can visualize her encouraging me with the idea that perfection doesn’t exist, and we must strive for ACTION over perfection.

When I think of Jamie Hass, the two words that immediately come to mind are quietly loud. Everything she does, she does with IMPACT, but she manages to pull off great things with barely a sound. Jamie has a magical way of encouraging people to do hard things without pressure or judgement, and with this remarkable gift, she brings out the best in everyone she meets.

Her energy reminds me of Mother Earth: she’s deeply grounded and helps others connect to their OWN strengths. She’s a warm, nurturing hug that fills up the souls she touches and lifts them to the stars. Jamie watches over her loved ones with a firm, but gentle touch. She demonstrates with ACTIONS to those around her how she lives out her dreams, so they can learn to live out theirs.

She takes every struggle she’s seen on her journey and transforms it into a LESSON. Jamie uses her knowledge to teach others, and her relatability and gentle encouragement transforms lives. She has an eloquence that stretches the perspective of her audience, and they’re forever changed by her touch. She’s the leader that follows from behind: she allows others to set their pace and sturdily encourages while “having their back” when the journey gets tough.

I look at Jamie as a teacher…a motherly mentor. She has WISDOM within her soul, and she abundantly shares with others. From her, I’m learning the art of grace: making mistakes and forging ahead with the lesson in tow. I’m learning that perfection is an unattainable illusion, and striving for GREATNESS, with all it’s beautiful and ugly moments, is a more impactful motivator.

Jamie has shown me what patience and compassion look like in meeting people where they are in life. She’s taught me how to be soft and firm at the same time and has demonstrated what perseverance looks like in the pursuit of a beautiful life. Jamie has given me the gift of friendship, and I’m so grateful for her place in my life.

Thank you, Jamie.

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