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Does YOUR wheel wobble?

When I sit down with a client, I often see this wagon wheel. It represents a LIFE.
The center of the wheel is SELF…it is the STRENGTH of the wheel. If the center breaks, the wheel won’t turn.

The spokes are the different facets of life: business, familial relationships, friendships, hobbies, etc. I can often tell where my client is pouring their energy, as the spokes will be bulging or skinny, depending on which facets are their focus. This energy comes from the center, from Self, and most often, Self is neglected, and the wheel is weakened. If the facets are imbalanced, the wheel gets wobbly.

In order to keep your wheel turning smoothly, the first step is to begin strengthening your center, your Self, because this is where every spoke gets it’s energy. When there’s no energy left in the axel, the spokes have nothing, and the wheel collapses. Self is THE MOST IMPORTANT, and it is absolutely necessary to focus your attention here (tell that guilt voice to stop with the lies, and get out of town…there’s no room for it in your wheel).

Once you’ve strengthened your center, the energy will naturally bleed into the spokes (without much effort). When each facet of the wheel receives equal parts of the energy center, the wheel will turn smoothly, no wobbles.

When a balanced wheel hits a bump, it takes the blow easily, and the wheel keeps going. An imbalanced wheel will break at weak points, and it’s more difficult to get it back on the path.
I implore you to look at YOUR wheel: where are you pouring your energy? Are you feeling wobbly? What needs your attention?

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