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How to Dance to Billie’s Beat

I have only known Billie Parrott for a short amount of time, but in the last few months, she’s IMPACTED my life with her ever-burning sunlight. At our first meeting, I don’t recall really having a conversation with her, but I FELT her energy twirling throughout the party, tickling everyone in the room to laughter. She gifted everyone at the event with her positivity and abundant warmth.  

Billie has an enormous personality in a tiny frame: I see her as the Sugar Plum Faery, whimsically dancing across her stage, touching her audience with beauty, delight, and sweetness. Her abundant energy spills over and brings smiles to every person blessed to know her.

Billie was born into a hard life. From a young age, she took on the burdens of others. Throughout her life, she has carried weights too heavy for her frame, but she never wilted. Billie used her circumstances as fuel to build a great life for herself and her family. She focuses on proving to herself that she’s more than where she came from, she’s bigger than what she’s been taught, and she’s more capable than even she gives herself credit for being. She DEMONSTRATES leadership by showing those around her what it takes to be STRONG and never back down from beautiful aspirations, even when the path to greatness becomes difficult to navigate.  

It’s hard not to compliment Billie when I see her, but she takes her compliments with a sheepish smile and a modest argument. She’s humble, and she doesn’t always see her beautiful sunshine that others around her see, and yet, it’s part of what makes Billie so remarkable. She gives everyone she meets a piece of herself, and those who’ve received a piece of Billie’s heart, cherish it, and hold it close to their own. She’s absolutely magical in her ability to bring a smile to everyone’s day.

From Billie, I’ve learned what PURE CHARISMA looks like in a person. She’s an animated character: she expresses joy through facial expressions and body movements, and she’s so damn INTERESTING to watch. She’s taught me how to highlight these attributes in myself, and her lessons has enriched my life with comedy and dynamicity. I’ve learned to “cut loose”…life doesn’t always have to be so serious. Billie has taught me to focus on the sunshine, even when the skies become cloudy.

My appreciation for knowing Billie comes from many different places: the loudest being her extraordinary ability to bring out a smile in EVERYONE, but I also admire her strength. Billie spends her days bringing out the best in those around her, providing her expertise and knowledge in support of making dreams come true, and just being an epic human being. She navigates contracts, dancing, family, acting, and friendships; all with STRENGTH and a smile.

I’m so grateful that I met Billie that evening: it was a serendipitous series of events that happened to make our meeting possible. I feel so lucky it worked out the way it did, and I feel so blessed that it led to meeting such a remarkable woman. I’m appreciative for the lessons I’ve learned from her (and the lessons yet to be learned), and I look forward to our continued connection and seeing the beauty that Billie brings to the world.

Thank you, Billie.

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