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Meeting the Montana Medium

When I think of Stacey Schumer, my mind becomes filled with the depiction of a WARRIOR. In my vision, she’s standing at my side atop a cliffside, our shoulders touching, staring together at hundreds of miles of beautiful sunset. We both have the same MISSION; we both carry the same responsibility to use our power for empowering OTHERS. As we’re standing on this cliffside together, no words spoken, we turn to look at each other: kinship and mutual respect mirrored in our eyes. We nod at one another: both knowing our shared responsibility, both understanding our mission without having to utter a single word. We then pick up our swords, pick up our shields, and fill the endless valley below with our battle cries.

Stacey has always been a fighter. She’s always been gifted, but she grew up with societal norms dictating her experiences, and she shut herself down to survive. Stacey used every tool she knew to numb her gifts, to close out the ethereal world, and she threw herself in to the clutches of hungry darkness. She spent a lot of time there, fighting her way even deeper into it’s vastness, digging her way farther and farther from her Light. It took a year of self-destruction for her to realize that she was fighting battles against herself, a futile war, and began fighting the war towards personal empowerment.

Through her healing, Stacey has become a healer to others. She spends her days strengthening her clients, her friends, and her family in her practice as a psychic medium. Her ability to hear, see, and feel Message brings HOPE to her clients. She empowers them to utilize their OWN special gifts in receiving Message to bring peace, love, and harmony to their lives. Stacey’s spirit is made of fire, and she lights the way through the darkest moments. She brings warmth and comfort on the coldest days, and she creates an inviting space for loved ones to gather.

My admiration and respect for Stacey go deeper than friendship: our SOULS are old friends, and I feel so blessed we found each other here on earth. We have a unique history. Our paths crossed long before we knew each other, and Stacey was the warrior who helped me fight my way to the beautiful place I am now. She gave me my shield, she gave me my staff, and she showed me the art of using Message to inspire others.

Words start to escape me when I try to express my infinite gratitude for Stacey’s place in my life. We don’t talk every day, but each conversation together is as if we do. Even when months have passed without seeing each other, the warm familiarity of kinship remains strong. Sitting down with Stacey is always a treat, and I leave feeling emblazoned by her fiery spirit. I utilize the tools she’s given me every day, and I think about her just as often. Stacey has been a mentor, a guide, and a teacher in learning what it takes to be a Light Warrior, and I’m humbled to now fight at her side.


  • Robyn
    September 13, 2021

    Stacey is such a wonderful woman. Her gifts and talents have reached deep into my soul. I’m forever grateful for her and her love and compassion.
    She is beyond amazing at what she does to help others.

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