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Individual Sessions

During an individual session, I sit down with you in my cozy office for merely a conversation. When you make an appointment, I ask that prior to the meeting (usually on the car ride over), you think about what you would like to discuss or any questions you’d like answered. During the session, I offer insights, advice, perspective, and clarity through channeling and reading your energy.

Comprehensive Summary

A Comprehensive Summary outlines the session and topics discussed. It allows you to reflect on the session later and reconnect to the clarity you felt immediately after (which tends to fade with time).

Group Sessions

During a group session (consisting of 2 or more members), I offer insights, advice, perspective, and clarity through channeling and reading each member’s energy. This service makes gatherings and parties fun and memorable.

*Rates are determined by the size of your group and the distance of travel.

Subscription Services

My subscription service offers an “all in” experience. We meet for an individual session once a week with frequent conversations between sessions that focus on the insights from our weekly discussion. You’ll receive steps and guidance to help you in your personal-growth journey, as well as, the much needed support to meet your epic potential.

*Rates are determined by the length of your subscription. Discounts apply when you purchase an annual subscription.

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