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What’s YOUR perspective?

My perspective of the ethereal world is very much from a science point of view. I was never able to connect from a spiritual perspective. I don’t see “angels” in the typical way that we often read in books or see from other readers. This kept me in the dark for a long time. I started researching my OWN beliefs and found that a science explains the ethereal world in a way that I CAN connect.

The UNIVERSE (not just this world) is made up of energy. Science tells us this and is generally considered “fact”. I often say that “Magic is just technology we haven’t figured out yet”, and just because we can’t explain exactly how we read energy, doesn’t mean we’re not doing it. We don’t (generally) SEE electricity, but we don’t argue that it’s a “thing”. We MEASURE electricity, because we have a handle on what it is, what it does, etc, but we don’t yet have the capacity to measure the energy of the ethereal world. It’s not magic, we just haven’t figured it out yet.

I see “angels” as energy entities. They look to be balls of color that swirl and change. I (generally) don’t see faces, but I FEEL the unconditional love, compassion, and I hear their words in my mind, which is almost indiscernible to my own thoughts. Each entity has it’s own personality: some more stern than others (these are the ones I like to give a hard time), some more funny (like the time I was rushing all day with the pervasive thought of “slow down”…I ignored this voice and ended up being forced to slow down after I sprayed myself with gasoline at the pump thinking it was done), and some just there to bring an ethereal hug of comfort.

Growing up, I saw the concepts of Christianity all around me, and I found that I often questioned them from a science perspective. I pondered whether the “Creation story” was actually real: God created the heavens, Earth, and mankind in seven days, but God is God, and how do we know that seven days to a higher power wasn’t millions here on Earth (the time is took humans to EVOLVE)? I was reprimanded and called a heathen for having such blasphemous thinking.

Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), my perspective is that we live in a world of semantics: a difference in language. I love reading about the different religions and have found that there are VAST similarities within theology. They are teaching the same thing, but they all use different names. I feel that science is included within this: we just use a different language for describing “phenomenon”. I’m a strong proponent that science and religion are actually the same thing (blasphemous, I know).

With this being said: What is YOUR perspective? Do you see the ethereal realm as a spiritual place or a science one? There is ABSOLUTELY NO WRONG answers. I have the perspective that works for me, but every single person has their own special perspective (and if it’s YOURS, then it’s RIGHT).

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    July 13, 2021

    I’m with you there. Spirituality does nothing for me and prefer to view things as feelings or thoughts – and Science seems to make more sense.

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