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Your Light Within

“Find Your Light” blossomed from my mission to help others with their search in finding the spark that brings us joy and a zest for living life. We as humans are meant to live joyfully, but we all have experiences that cloud out the light, and we lose ourselves in the murkiness.

We tend to search outward: “If (I had more money, I was skinner, I was better looking, more people liked me, I had that car, house, dog, phone, toy, etc.) then I’ll be happy”. We place blame outside: “Why does this always happen to me?” Why is the Universe doing this to me?” “Why does he/she always make me feel bad?”

We get so caught up in looking outside of ourselves, that we can’t see that happiness lives within. We walk around with it every day, everywhere, always, but we become so blinded by our negative experiences that we struggle to see it. We hold on to the traumatic memories, we hold the dark energy attached to it, and it shrouds our eyes from experiencing the Light.

I always tell my clients that the easiest way to start seeing through the dark is finding gratitude. Take inventory of each and every blessing in your life and FEEL deep appreciation. When we do this with intention, it shifts our perspective and lifts our spirits, PLUS it projects a positive energy into the Universe that comes back to us as blessings.

I also tell my clients to begin RELEASING that pent-up energy. Moving the body (it does not have to be strenuous exercise) MOVES the energy out of the body (this is only ONE way…there are several). I often tell my clients to take a short walk in nature, as Mother Earth removes negative energy and lifts us…I’ve never met a person who doesn’t feel better after some time spent with nature.  

Happiness does not exist outside of ourselves. Every human on this planet has a beaming Light that shines from our core, and it’s our responsibility to sift through the darkness to find it.

Let’s Find Your Light

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