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What is YOUR language? And are you listening?

I am often asked how I receive Message, and let me tell you, it’s complicated. One very clear (and easy to explain) avenue is through the use of symbols.

When I read a person, I will frequently see the same thing that I saw in another reading (with slight variations that are applicable to the person in front of me). I used to dismiss it when this happened; sometimes feeding doubt that what I was seeing was Message at all, sometimes feeling like an imposter just repeating myself.

I’ve come to see the patterns and realized that these repeats are simply symbols that have been given to me to better understand someone’s situation more quickly. As an example, when I’m shown that a client is an unshielded, unaware Empath (someone who FEELS other people’s emotions as if they’re their own and doesn’t know they have this gift, so they cannot shield themselves from feeling everything thrown at them), I see that person sitting in a corner: knees to chest, arms hugging knees, face down with the forehead on arms, and they are being pummeled with rain or ocean waves. This tells me the person is overwhelmed, beaten down by FEELING, and they’re defeated. This person is trying to tune out the world by closing around themselves. They have shut down, and they’re waiting, waiting, waiting for the storm to pass, but it never does (avoidance will keep the storm alive). They feel lost on their journey, they’ve forgotten their spark, they lack a life’s purpose. I see all this information from ONE glimpse, ONE symbol, and I am able to identify where they are energetically in an instant. The Universe is showing me what I need to know, using a symbol I understand, in a language I can comprehend.

I absolutely love language: the energy each word holds, the meaning behind them, and the dance they make when seen on paper or spoken out loud. Words ARE symbols. Because I connect so deeply to language, the Universe provides me with Message in the way that sings to ME. These SYMBOLS have become another language (one I’m still very much learning), and it is a language tailored only to me. While there are a plethora of spiritual symbols and their meanings, which are accurate, yet generalized, the Universe will provide us with Message in the way that speaks to us and that we can best understand. When you connect to something strongly, it’s easier to hear a Message using that vessel.

With that being said, what language sings to you (music, art, dancing, walking, riding bike, etc, etc)? Every person has gifts and a language to express those gifts. What BRINGS YOU JOY? This is where to find your common language with the Universe. THIS is where to find your own set of symbols that have meaning for YOU. Knowing your language is going to allow you to open yourself up to hear what Messages the Universe has for you (and those you guide). Are you listening?

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