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You don’t have to be healed to be a healer

I used to hold a belief that begged the question: “How can I possibly help others when I still have so much work on myself to do?”

This belief has held me back from conquering aspirations and allowed “imposter syndrome” to creep in at times. I used to feel that I lacked credibility, because “who wants advice from a woman who has dishes in her sink 90% of the time?”

I’ve since realized that literally NO ONE truly has their sh!t together. Everyone has a story…everyone has a struggle.

Perfection is an illusion AND a moving target. Right when we think we’ve nearly hit “perfection”, a variable changes, our definition changes, and perfection becomes just out of reach again. Let’s start pouring our hearts into striving for beauty, creativity, compassion, love, all things divine and not into the pointless feat of perfection.

Our experiences (“good” or “bad”) make us interesting and relatable. I’ve received messages for clients that I can tell are also meant for me. I’m often prompted to share my personal experiences with them…they know they’re not alone in their turmoil, and sometimes THAT is the reassurance.

Even if you feel like a broken person, even if you feel you have nothing to offer, you DO. There is someone out there that NEEDS your story, your EXPERIENCE.

You don’t have to be healed to be a healer

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